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Comex is second-hand IT wholesaler (computers, monitors, printers, copiers).
We are able to provide worldwide large quantities of used equipments.
Our customers are of three kinds as below:

Traders that are searching for goods to be delivered to their own wholesale customers or to other trading companies
Resellers who are wholesaler/retailer in their specific markets.
Group of End users who are searching to buy several devices to equip their companies and Non Profit Organizations who need to supply their projects.

Due to the specific needs of customers, we deliver you as below:

“As it is”: Devices are sent to you in the same state than it was when it came in our premises. No check is done.

“Checked”: Devices that will be sent to you have been tested and confirmed in good working conditions.

“Prepared”: Devices are deeply checked and following your request some work is done like software installation, consumables replacement, specific packaging, …

Our customer philosophy is based on long term relationship rather than one shot business.

Stock List

  Comex: Rue des Praules, 8 - Parc Industriel de la Sauvenière - 5030 Gembloux        Tel: +32 81 600 633    Fax: +32 81 600 632